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The door to my office will remain ajar

Un bureau mal rangéFriends have told me — both in writing and in conversation — that this blog ought to be more visible and “better referenced”. It certainly will be, eventually. But that isn’t what I’m after at the moment. I called the first article I posted ‘Blog — freedom and bondage’ because this wonderful instrument offers us both, as does everything that modernity brings us, and it is only by using it that one can find out on which path one is travelling.

Those who know me know that I write in an atmosphere of calm, solitude and serenity, and that I distance myself as much as I can from the hubbub of the world. Given this, I find blogging a paradoxical experience. If it were to invade my life and encroach upon the novel I am writing, I would have no choice but to run away. But I don’t plan to do that. One only has to see the pace at which I write my posts to realise that I enjoy the experience, and that I intend to keep at it.

I will continue because keeping a blog meets a need, a specific need that is increasingly clear to me: what I would like to do is leave ajar the door to my office so that any friends passing by may glance within and nod a quick greeting, perhaps let their eyes wander over a few pages that I’ve left out for them to see, then continue along their way with the promise of dropping by again later.

In short, I don’t want to keep my door tightly closed, nor do I want to want to put myself squarely in the public eye, with the doors and windows open to every gust of wind, my pages fluttering about everywhere.

Is this unrealistic? Doesn’t the Web have its own inherent logic from which no one can escape? I don’t think so. This blog will be what I make of it, and what my visitors help me make of it. I hope that it will be a space for thinking about literature, about languages and words, about the Obama years  — what I call “the Washington Spring” —, about the world in which we live, a world that is both fascinating and worrying. And I will undertake to make it exactly that.

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Blog – freedom and bondage

A few friends urged me to me keep this on-line journal; others tried to dissuade me from it. Some explained that nowadays, one needs a space where one can express oneself in complete freedom and with complete peace of mind; a space where one can sometimes think aloud; a way to recommend a book or article to one’s readers.
Others warned me that I was opening a Pandora’s box, one that I would never again be able to close; that far from granting myself a freedom, I was putting myself in bondage. They told me that henceforth, I would spend hours every day chained to this blog.
I take the plunge now without knowing which of my friends I will prove right and which I will prove wrong. This tool appeals to me and frightens me all at once, and I continue to harbour the illusion of being able to use it without becoming enslaved to it.

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